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Custom-made kitchen furniture

A good design is the absolute basis of a functional kitchen that will meet all the needs of the household. To properly meet your expectations and adapt them to a specific space, it is best to use the services of professionals. This will save a lot of time and will be a good investment in your own comfort, especially if it is a fitted kitchen.

Designing your dream kitchen

The first thing you need to pay attention to before making a fitted kitchen is the space we have. It depends on the size whether the furniture will use innovative solutions that will save as much space as possible, or will bet on a larger, free space.

Also the number of members of the household and the average time spent on cooking will indicate how the kitchen should be arranged. You can take into account the size of the worktop you need, or the space for kitchen appliances.

The rational arrangement of kitchen furniture will allow easy movement in the room, and the high quality of the materials used will allow them to enjoy them for many years. Solid countertops, resistant to dirt and moisture, as well as modern appliances, create a top-class kitchen.

Custom-made kitchen design vision

The whole process is based on constantly adapting the vision to customer expectations, as well as improving them. For a better effect, you can view the project in a virtual form, before signing the contract. This will avoid disappointment and make minor changes if needed.

The company’s assortment allows a wide range of kitchen furniture colors, so everyone will find solutions for themselves. Customers have at their disposal various types of tops made of wood or veneer boards, whose high quality helps to ensure their cleanliness.

Reasons to choose a fitted kitchen

Sometimes it happens that the store’s assortment does not meet the customer’s expectations or is not adapted to the area it manages. In this case, fitted kitchen will do its job best.

 What’s more, you can freely choose the number of drawers or shelves, as well as their shape and finish. These types of kitchens are extremely popular usually in small apartments, where every centimeter of space counts. It is worth noting that using a professional company guarantees an individual approach to each client and a guarantee of quality.

Furniture assembly

The best effect will be achieved if the fitted kitchen is carried out by the same company that designed it. This protects the customer against ill-considered errors and poor solutions. Not very experienced companies or fitters may use poor quality materials, which will translate into the durability of the furniture. Also, assembling incorrectly may cause damage to the furniture, and in the worst case their replacement.

It is also important that before each project and assembly, the company independently makes all necessary measurements. Thanks to this, the customer gets a guarantee of a successful order and does not have to worry about any shortcomings.